The Patapsco Research Group

Here is a portfolio of projects representing our recent work.


DNNCreative Magazine

The Patapsco Research Group provides technical support to subscribers of DNNCreative Magazine, and has done so since June 2007.

Dr. Joseph Craig of the Patapsco Research Group monitors the DNNCreative forums, answers user questions, helps to diagnose problems,  and offers suggestions to fix problems with DNN sites,  Dr. Craig has posted more than 11,250 messages on the DNNCreative forum in that time!

Dr. Craig is recognized across the world as a DNN expert, in large part due to the quality of the answers and support provided at DNNCreative.


Columbia Ski Club

The Columbia (Md.) Ski Club contracted with the Patapsco Research Group for a redesign of it's website.

The redesign included:

  • A customized skin that is responsive.
  • A design designed to highlight the club's wide variety of activities in addition to skiing.
  • A appealing design intended to serve potential and new members as well as existing club members.

Subsequent phases of the work will focus on:

  • Reworking the site's content for simplicity, ease of use, and maintenance.
  • Basing much of the site's content on eliminating the need to enter duplicate information.  Instead, the unified calendar system will be used to generate content in multiple formats.
  • Providing additional functionality that streamlines the club's operation..


The Patapsco Research group developed a modern and responsive website for BHE Cloud Solutions, a re-seller of cloud based ERP and CRM solutions.

The design presented by the Patapsco Research Group featured a clean, responsive design.   The Patapsco Research Group worked collaboratively with the principals at BHE Cloud Consulting to develop the site's content, and presentation of that content in an attractive and appealing format.


Maryland Nonprofits

The Patapsco Research Group worked with Maryland Nonprofits to re-conceive, update, and re-host its corporate website.

Key features of the new site include::

  • A redesigned look and feel, including a responsive site design.
  • Integration of the website with the organization's CRM system, which permits members to login to the site using credentials managed in the CRM system.
  • Integration with the CRM system to permit seamless transfer from the website to certain features maintained in the CRM.  This include membership[ management, registration for events, and a unified payment process that occurs within the CRM system.  Results of activites in the CRM system can then be reflected back to the website.
  • Development of page content management tools that ensure a common look and feel across all pages in the site, and simplify content creation and management.

InvestEd, Inc.

InvestEd, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides investor education, at its annual InvestEd conference and via a monthly series of online webinars.

The Patapsco Research Group has been the developer, maintainer, and hosting provider for, the organization's website since 2009.  Currently, we are redeveloping the InvestEd Inc. website to support the 2015 conference and ongoing educational activities.

One of the design goals for is that content for the event site is created, updated, and maintained by volunteers who do not have technical skills.  Therefore, the site is designed for easy maintenance, primarily via the use of content modules that provide for version control and workflow approval.  The Patapsco Research Group identified and integrated appropriate modules into the site.  We have also provided training for site administrators.



Altico Advisors

Altico Advisors returned to the Patapsco Research Group when it was time to update their existing site and to provide a new look and feel.

The Patapsco Research Group performed a major upgrade to the Altico Advisors' site, upgrading the a current version of DNN.  The Patapsco Research Group then designed a new look and feel for the site, featuring a home page with at "Metro" look, and redesigned interior pages.  The Patapsco Research Group then re-worked the existing site's content to conform to the new design and also unified the design across all pages.



RAM Consulting Corporation

RAM Consulting Corporation utilizes the services of the Patapsco Research Group's Joseph N. Craig to provide critical consulting services to a state agency.  Dr. Craig assists in the the development of the agency's DotNetNuke-base intranet site.  Contributions included:

  • Skin Development;
  • Site Upgrades;
  • Configuration of Active Directory authentication;
  • Custom module implementation to integrate reporting functions with external systems;
  • Design and implementation of admistrative roles to permit multiple departments to administer their sections of the site;
  • Staff education regarding DotNetNuke; and
  • Ongoing support.



Altico Advisors Website

Altico Advisors contracted with the Patapsco Research Group to upgrade and make additions to its corporate website.

In addition to performing the site upgrade, the Patapsco Research Group created a set of custom event registration forms (using Data Springs Dynamic Registration module) and a custom Event Management page (using the DotNetNuke Reports module and SGSV from



PMI S&D SIG Websit

The Program Management Institute's Aerospace & Defense Specifi Interest Group (PMI A&D SIG) contracted with the Patapsco Research Group to complete development of a DotNetNuke website for the SIG. 

A specific requirement for the site was authentication of site users against an existing membership database.  To accomplish this, the Patapsco Research Group implemented a semi-custom authentication provider for the site.

Other custom features include:

  • Selection and modification of a commercial skin, including customization of a flash image rotator
  • Implementation of "social networking" features
  • Custom configuration of Ventrian's News Article module
  • Installation of a flash image rotator



Viral Web Solutions Ltd

Created a custom DotNetNuke installation with
  • Custom installed modules
  • Custom installed skins
  • A custom site template
Integrated the custom installation with the Plesk application packaging so that DotNetNuke can be installed and configured automatically from a Plesk Control Panel.
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